Garden Landscape Ideas/Tips

Garden Landscape Ideas/Tips

Here are some interesting options you might want to consider.

Create a Large and Striking Bed

landscape designFor spicing up a more traditional garden, a bed that combines trees and shrubbery can make for a stunning feature. This combination is wonderful during the autumn months when the red and yellow leaves bring color to what can otherwise be a relatively flat time in a traditional garden. It’s essential to maintain a separation between the bed and the terrace through – a sharp lawn cut off or a thin line of stones can do the job well. Trees and shrubs do require some maintenance, but many can be left to grow unattended if you aren’t worried about shaping them.

The “Living Room” Garden

If you have a small garden but want to host evening parties, then overcrowding the yard with flower beds and shrubbery may not be the best option. For entertaining and generally unwinding in your gardens, try creating functional and straightforward designs that use patios and stylish garden furniture. Large paving slabs are great for creating a modern feel to a garden, although they are more expensive.

Don’t Forget Hardscapes

landscaperHardscapes provide a strong counterpoint to softscape parts of a garden, and also reduce the amount of maintenance required to keep your gardens looking its best. The perfect garden landscape should combine both hard and softscape features. Try to use plants to offset and partially obscure the harsh lines of hardscape features.

Create a Zen Paradise

By incorporating some Asian inspiration into your garden designs, it’s possible to create a soothing and relaxing environment that stands out from the average backyard. Asian model is all about minimalist patterns and interesting shapes, so make sure you choose hardscape options that reinforce a minimalist style. Japanese or Chinese ornaments are great for finishing off a Zen design.